January 04, 2004

The Pictures Worth 1,000 Words

Man was it tough to narrow down the (approx) 5,781 pictures we took over the course of our trip. That being said, it was fun trying to :-). We've categorized our faves by country below, focusing each to 10-15 of the most poignant photos we snapped. We also thought it would be worthwhile to include a few thematic categories including kiddies, flowers and pics of us. Enjoy!

Favorite Pictures from Brazil

Favorite Pictures from Cambodia

  • Prison cell / Tuol Sleng Prison (now genocide museum) / Phnom Penh
  • The happy tomb raiding couple / Angkor Wat / Siam Reap
  • Column infitium / Lion Temple (under bridge) / Siam Reap
  • Monks on the lookout / Angkor Wat / Siam Reap
  • Statue tug-o-war / Angkor Thom / Siam Reap
  • Janet's viewpoint / Angkor Wat / Siam Reap
  • Jim templing / Angkor Wat / Siam Reap
  • Nature wins out / Ta Prohm / Siam Reap
  • Stone tree / Ta Prohm / Siam Reap

  • Fave Egypt Snaps

    Salvaged Greece Pics (all pics lost somewhere on the Canary Islands :-(). Thanks to Stacey and Shane for sharing their snaps with us:

    Favorite Pics from Kenya

    Favorite Pics from Laos

    Favorite Pics from Morocco

    Favorite Pics from Mozambique

    Favorite Pics from Myanmar (Burma)

    Favorite Pics from Portugal

    Favorite Pics from Singapore

    Favorite Pics from South Africa

    Favorite Pics from South Africa (Safari)

    Favorite Pics from Spain

    Favorite Pics from Tanzania

    Favorite Pics from Thailand

    Favorite Pics from Turkey

    Favorite Pics of Kiddies

    Floral Faves

    J + J

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