February 23, 2004

A funny aside. Mel, by now famous among the group for her legendary addiction to caffeine of the coffee flavor, had a ‘lost in translation moment’ when she (with the help of David G) tried to order a ‘caf้e.’ The hotel employee misheard her, thinking she/David was asking for a camisinhas – a condom! David and Mel did not understand a)why they didn’t have coffee in the restaurant b)why they had to ‘go downstairs’ to get some and c)why the woman had a knowing smile while nodding her head at the ‘couple.’ Nothing like condoms with your morning coffee!

After scraping our hungover bodies off the bed we grabbed a cab and headed north to the beaches of Bahaia for some much needed R & R before our final bloco experience (note aforementioned super partier "Bruno" in the background)

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