February 21, 2004

Joining the fray

Had a great lunch with a coworker of David's and his son, nicknamed "duda"which we of course used early & often :-). The graciousness of our hosts we would later learn is pretty typical for Brazilians - they are naturally welcoming, generous and competely accommodating people. Post lunch we headed to the parking lot of what was essentially a strip mall, where would be Carnaval-goers had set up a kind of open market, buying and selling abadas for blockos. David, Mike , Duda and I (J & M were not into the crowd scene!) bought shirts for "Olodom"'s blocko, a drum school and world-famous band (having played with Paul Simon, Herbie Hancock, Jimmy Cliff & others) that helps keep young Bahians off the street and develop them into amazing percussionists.

The bloco was definitely an experience- much cervaja, revelry and dancing to the infectious percussion of Olodum.

We finished, exhausted but still exhilerated at 4:30 AM, where we met up with the girls, who had watched Carnaval from the relative safety of a "camarote"" or "balcony" in Portugese. we crashed as the sun rose to greet us for the second day in a row :-)
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