February 28, 2004

On to the beach(es)

Mellie, Janet and I said goodbye to Mike and DavidG and took a flight North to the beaches around Natal. We settled in a town called Ponta Negra, a somewhat commercial town but not w/out some treasures of its own.

After experiencing a few Brasilian beaches, J & M quickly felt that their bikinis where more like "granny suits" compared to the world famous "Brasilian cut". Janet would eventually buy four (at less than $10 a pop!), getting braver with each successive purchase (my approval of the lack of coverage also rose w/ each new suit :-)).

At the shop where the girls bought their suits (and convinced me of buying a smaller one as well) Mellie met a 20 yr old surfer by the name of Marcelo, who would later join us on our advenures :-)

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