February 22, 2004

A quick anecdote to shed some light on the spirit (and priorities) of the Bahians. While we were sidelined in a shopping mall researching the purchase of a camarote, we suddenly heard chanting coming from a store in the mall. Mike went to investigate and reported back that all the workers in one of the mall’s department stores banded together and started chanting “Close the Store for Carnaval” or something to that effect. Low and behold, the store did just that, allowing their employees to head home early to get an early start on Carnaval. That's what I call having your priorities right...

Mike, David and I headed to the camarote, which, while certainly a good time, was definitely a bit more reserved than the previous night's bloco. We did meet some cool peeps - some Brits from Manchester and a fellow we'd seen on the bus as part of our tour package (Bruno, the epitome of party animal). To spice things up, we pooled our free drink tickets and I played "cervaja claus"with our beer, handing them out to our fellow partiers:

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