March 04, 2004

On to the "Hawaii" of Brasil

After experiencing the reliability of Pipa's "Mass" transit system, Mel, J + J headed back to the airport, meeting up with a bright-eyed, could barely contain himself Marcelo en route to Fernando de Noronha, an Island sanctuary many Brasilians consider to be their version of Hawaii (I think that sells it short!).

Noronha is a National Reserve, only admitting a limited number of tourists on at any one time and requring visitors to pay a daily tax that rises over the length of one's stay. The result is an Island which is still in pristine condition, with amazing beaches that are often completely deserted. Paradise...

Marcelo, who after some aide and very little coehersion, was bursting with excitement as we flew over the crystle blue waters surrounding N. After settling in and renting a dune buggy (pronounced booogey by the locals) we headed to Carreiro de Padre, the beach of the two brothers:

The waves were amazing -- 6 to 8 feet -- and we were mesmerized by them and the surfers who attempted (and often failed) to conquer them. In fact, Marcelo cracked his board on the first run - a testament to their power. However, in true Marcelo fashion, he shrugged it off and suggested we head to the harbor to catch the sunset.

Beers in hand we climbed the rocks and witnessed one we won't soon forget...
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