April 12, 2004

800 (truly) virgin islands

We'd heard about this "adventure cruise" from Melanie and Scott who both raved about it. With the exception of a bit of diving issues, we weren't disappointed.

Sunset, Burma Style

Joining us on the Myanmar leg were Dave Bill and his girlfriend Rachel. After an all-night motor, we were ready for a little exploration. Burma's Mergui Archipelago has over eight hundred islands, scattered throughout an area of some ten thousand square miles. The area was opened toforeignerss - on a limited basis - for the first time in 40+ years in 1998. B/c of this, it's still in pristine condition, with very few human inhabitants.

Our first day was spent sea kayaking to and fro deserted white sand beaches:

Courtesy of Greg Sugar :-)

and visiting the Sea Gypsy (Moken) people, one of the few peoples in the area. LikeCambodiaa, one got the sense the Westerners were very out-of-the-norm and our brief visit was met with some curiosity and more than a few smiles:

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