April 26, 2004

The Hunt Continues

Rakesh, Janet and our new Chicagoan bud Peter -- having heard even more stories about Whale Shark encounters -- decided to plop down more cash and try our luck.

We went with a new dive shop this time and, despite positive initial impressions, it proved to be a bummer. our dive master was one of those control freaks, shaking her little rattle every 5 minutes if we were even a couple of meters below OR ABOVE her. Ridiculous -- worst divemaster experience i've had in 50+.

We did manage to see a few more rays, smaller and while snorkeling, but i was glad Rak and J got to experience them, even from the surface.

At night we saw an amazing fire show at Hippies, a cool, chill beach bar (as the name might suggest). Rakesh has a cool video of it that i'll upload when i can.
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