April 27, 2004

Lounging in Lanta

We ferried out of Phi Phi for Ko Lanta a less-developed island about 40KM away. We definitely liked some aspects of Phi Phi: some striking landscape, good food, decent access to good diving and some of the conveniences one would expect in a more resort-like environ. that being said, we found the locales to be of shorter fuse, generally less friendly, somewhat crowded with more touristas than travelers (there's definitely a difference) and a vibe that wasn't quite what i'd experienced in Ko Phagnan in '02.

Ko Lanta is just what the Dr. ordered. Janet and Mellie had been here in early '02 and while it's more developed now it still has that chill, not overly ostentatious atmosphere we've been missing.

We spent the day readin' on the beach and the night doing our best to improve foreigners' views of americans :-).
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