April 16, 2004

More like exercise than diving

We dove Stewart Island in the morning and it was definitely the toughest dive I've been on. We did a head first descent against incredibly strong current -- i burned through 80 bars just to get down. Having lost Mr. Bill and Rachel to the difficulty, Sugar and I joined Cedric on 2 swim threws before I ran out of air (literally). Have to say we were less than impressed w/ Cedric and the dive operation in general (they did not have enough regulators on board so Cedric dove without an octopus, pressure or depth gauge.

At any rate, we survived and braved a second -- and thankfully more pleasant -- dive at "High Rock" where we saw a bunch of eels and pipe fish. After a bit of snorkeling at Myouk Nyo Island we headed back to the border to depart the following day.

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