April 08, 2004

Tomb Raiding

Janet and I got up pre-dawn to see the sunrise and Angkor Wat (she's such a trooper :-)) -- a cool (in both senses) experience.

We risked destroying Janet's knees and climbed the incredibly steep temple steps to the center of the temple (representing Nirvana).

AW covers 81 hectacres and took over 30 years to build. The famous five towers represent the 5 peaks of Meru, the holiest mountain in India. AW has the largest and most intricate Bas Reliefs of any temple in Angkor, often depicting scenes from Hindu mythology. In addition to the Bas Reliefs, the temple is adorned with thousands of Apsara carvings -- topless women who dwell in heaven whose soul purpose is to have eternal sex with Kymer heroes.

I think the monkees should consider a name change :-)

Post pool dip Sugar and Steph rejoined us for Ta Prohm, where segments of Tomb Raider were filmed owning to the temple's overgrowth with vegetation. With trees seemingly sprouting out of walls, nature's triumph proved one of our faves:

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