May 18, 2004

Cisler's Royal Palace Invite

We set out with our three companions for Doi Suthep, Phu Ping Palace and the waterfall (more of a trickle really). En route the boys could not resist a stop over at a little spot offering 3 shots from a wooden crossbow. Although the lads may tell you differently, I was the only one to hit the mango hung at least 40 (ish :-)) meters away.

Wiggen tries his hand, Jim thinks better of playing the role of William Tell

After visiting the watertrickle we headed to Phu Ping Royal Palace.

Shortly after this photo was taken, Princess Therlatat of Thailand happened by in one of the royal chariots, taking special note of our tall, not-so-dark but ever-so-handsome John Cisler. Her Highness was so taken in fact, that she invited John to stay at the palace pictured above which, given the very modest aire of our guest house environs, he readily accepted. Stunned, we begged John to take us with but he scoffed something about not wishing to fraternize with such plebians, and headed off hand-in-hand with the fair princess.

Of yeah, then we went to Doi Suthep, the highest point near Chiang Mai, which afforded some cool views of both temple and town:

The long, LONG flight of stairs up to the Stupa

Later that evening the four boys shocked the locals and tourists alike by geeking out as only we (closet) geeks can: by playing the travel version of "Settler's Of Catan" (akin to the board game "Risk") in a local bar. Good times, good times.
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