May 29, 2004

I came for yoga, but I stayed for the blow dryer
After Sukothai, Jim and I came through Bangkok for a few days of TCB'in before heading to the beaches of Ko Chang.

To escape the chaos of Khao San road, I made a daily trek across town for yoga class. Trek is not an understatement. Bangkok does not have a very good public transportation system (reminds me a lot of SF's), so the commute to the studio took an hour each way.

However, the effort of the trek and the 90-minute butt-kicking (yoga hurts when you've been away for MONTHS) proved to be worth it when the changing room (which includes, in Jim's words, "the nicest bathroom in Asia") had blow dryers. It has literally been months since my hair has seen a brush - forget about a blow dryer! I took my own sweet time primping after each class. Sweet glory :)

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