May 13, 2004

Into Gollum's Domain

Today we hired the equivalent of a long tail and took our new friend Sang with us. We snaked upriver through mountain gorges and passes. The river was fairly placid on our way up, making for some cool reflections of the above:

The trip was not without a pretty hot sun, prompting Janet to 'get local' by wearing some of the native head gear:

Janet and Sang. Her Shade of blue, no?A

After about an hour trip we came to an infrequently visited cave. The captain and Sang grabbed the torches and the four of us entered, barefoot and in awe of the sheer size of this puppy.

The cave streched over 1.5 KM under the mountain, taking over an hour to navigate in our muddy bare feet. Halfway in we turned out the lights to get a taste of complete darkness, a trippy experience in which your retinas try so hard to make out images you actually see stuff. Gollum would have been proud.

Post-spelunking we took a dip in the river and cruised back to Muang Ngoi Neua, witnessing more than a few fisherman in action:

We headed to dinner later that evening but our adventure was not over...Janet, having born the brunt of it, will provide the update :-)
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