May 19, 2004

"Now You Can Open Thai Restaurant!"

Skipping breakfast, the five of us headed to Chiang Mai Thai cooking school to try our hand at cooking, Northern Thailand style. It was a great experience...the staff not only tolerated our obnoxious behavior but cracked more than a few jokes of their own.

Proof that they actually let Wiggen hold a knife.

In addition to carving up decorative food items like the lotus-flower look alike (kind of?) picture above -- which I pretty much failed at! -- we made egg rolls, Pork and Tofu Soup w/ Veggies, a red curry duck dish, chicken with ginger root, chicken wrapped in palanga (sp?) leaf and, for dessert, Sticky Rice w/ Mango.

Janet's artistry in living color. Note the fine detail of the carrot carved leaf. Wondrous!

Midway through the event John disappeared for a good 20 minutes. Our Thai teacher waited as long as she could before pressing on. John would eventually return, looking much worse for wear: sweat beading on his forehead and shifting his weight uncomfortably. Later we would learn that John had forgotten to wash his hands after handling the spicy as hell Thai peppers and prior to hitting the bathroom (ouch!)

John (pre-incident) with Mast and Wiggen
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