May 09, 2004

Rollin' on the Mekong

Frederick, Christian, Teresa, J and I rented a long and remarkably narrow boat and cruised down the Mekong River, home to the largest fresh water fish in the world (the 4M, 300KG catfish!). Unfortunately we did not catch one...

We hit the Pak Ou caves first, pretty dramatic pair of caves north of Luang Prabang:

It being a rather warm Sunday, we saw many a Laos child swimming, jumping in and generally frolicking in the Mekong, almost all of which smiled and waved vigorously as we passed.

The scenery around this section of the river was pretty awesome, reminiscent of Koh Phi Phi in Thailand. After hitting lunch at our driver Sah's friend's river side restaurant we hit a cool little village known for its silk production, weaving and paper goods.

There were a ton of cute kiddies 'round here as well :-)

All-in-all it was a surprisingly authentic little side trip!
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