June 29, 2004

2,000 Km (give or take) later...

Deciding that a change of scenery was in order (for Sugar this actually meant change of continent ;-)) we left the Wild Coast for the last leg of our 2,000 KM + roadtrip. After dropping Greg off at the airport, J and i headed to Durban, the 3rd largest city in South Africa.

Tracing the roadtrip's progress

Durban isn't terribly remarkable...really another big city but we're grateful for a decent 'net connection and reasonable laundry services :-).

Foiled by the rain, we had to forgo a golf outing but hopefully we'll get the chance to do a little diving before we leave SA for the more temperate environs of Mozambique, about a day's journey north. While we dig SA, warmer beaches are 'a callin'.
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