June 07, 2004

An "Apetizer"

We spent the day enjoying a prelude to our next destination (South Africa) with a day at the Singapore Zoo. J and I are not really "zoo people" but the SG Zoo is billed to be far from your average zoo, with exhibits that attempt to perfectly mimic the animals habitat with few fences (mostly natural barriers are employed). I have to say it was pretty impressive, though apparently we were less amusing to the critters than they to us:


Even the lions were yawny

We were treated to a chimp feeding as well...we learned that the ape family is dinural (is active during the day) which may explain janet-monkee's occasional early exit when darkness falls :-)

The Catch

We even hit the "night safari", billed as the world's only nocturnal animal kingdom adventure, affording annoying tourists a glimpse of lions, tigers, bears, elephants, bats, rhinos, leopards, fishing cats, giraffes and many more by faux moonlight. It was actually pretty cool...
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