June 15, 2004

Best for last?

Incredibly, one of the coolest safari experiences occurred on our final morning drive. After spotting a couple of buffalo Shadrack heard of a leopard spotting 10 km from our present location, requiring us to race against other Rovers to get a good (and quiet) view of a female and her adolescent male immediately following a kill. Shad again proved his prowess and we arrived well ahead of the other drivers to catch a long gander at one of the most elusive cats in Africa.

Peeking out from the underbrush

The pair took turns gnawing on an impala which was a pretty powerful sight (accompanied by the powerful smell of fresh blood spilled in the Bush).

Eating on the run

It was an amazing end to an amazing week. J and I consider ourselves very lucky to have experienced it. We left later that morning for the airport and Capetown.
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