June 26, 2004

Coffee Bay

My two coffee loving friends could not resist a stopover in the Bay of Java. Actually, what drew us there was a return to the backpacker scene (and the yoga class taught the next morning...OF COURSE). It had been since Chiang Mai since we'd basked in the warmth of likeminded (if not younger!) fellow travelers and we'd been hankering for accommodations that were a bit more social than the last few weeks.

Bomvu's friendly staff and guests did not disappoint. After a late check in (and a near death experience on the highway...don't ask!) we settled in.

The following day we signed up for what was billed as a "walk" filled with "Bliss(ters)" which turned into more than a walk and provided more than a few of the 'sters. Nevertheless, the hike to "The Hole In the Wall" was pretty darn gorgeous, in spite of its mundane name.

The lovely couple risking life and limb for the snap

The "walk" featured a fair amount of wildlife including a school (?) of ~ 30 dolphins swimming just offshore and more lambs than a New Zealander could shake a stick at:

Wooly Bully

The hole which or 4 hour walk promised was a bit anticlimactic but was still pretty cool...

Not just any hole in the wall

After our "stroll" we enjoyed a much deserved beer at the Hole in the Wall restaurant (props for originality!), dinner back at the lodge and a traditional Zulu dance & drum session that lasted well into the evening.
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