June 04, 2004

HP3 in the GC

Four our last evening in Thailand we decided to celebrate as only two 30-somethings know how- dinner and a movie! Actually, the movie portion of the evening was pretty cool...we saw Harry Potter III in the "Gold Class" theatre of one of the local megaplexes.

What is entailed in a Gold Class movie-going experience you ask? GC has limited seating (50), a private lounge where one can sip cocktails in anticipation of the cinematic experience, a waiter service, theatre attentdants who escort you to your seats and -- best of all -- the seats themselves: fully reclinable lazyboys comeplete with blankets, pillows and even socks. While the price is 5X a normal ticket, $12 US is hardly a lot to ask IMHO :-). And, for something like Lord Of The Rings, I might be willing to fork out comparable cash in the US ;-)

I was very proud of Janet btw who -- in spite of the extreme comfort of our environs -- managed to stay awake for at least 90% of the film.
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