June 19, 2004

Napa/Sonoma Valley Rival?

Today headed to one of the many wine regions near Capetown. Now, as a biased Californian and a self-proclaimed wine snob, I had pretty high expectations going in. I gotta say that the beauty of the valley far surpassed CA wine country and the wines give us a run for our money (especially FOR the money...with great wines at US $6!). The only problem is shipping and import duties add another ~ $12 to each bottle.

It's as if someone scooped up the Sierra Mnts and planted them around the Russian River Valley

We hit four wineries, including one in the castle (constructed way back in 1997) where the 24 year-old assisant wine pourer guy spent more time asking about CA (he's heading there for a 4 month trip in August) than pouring wine....but at this point we weren't complaining. Melanie, we're going to hook you guys up :-).

The Castle at Fort Simon Vineyard, circa 1997

After pleasantly imbibing -- er -- "tasting", we ended the day in a nearby Calistoga-like town for an amazing dinner (tomato tiramisu anyone??) for $25 / person. yummmmmmmm.
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