June 05, 2004

On to Singapore

What could possibly be the allure of a rather expensive SE Asian country that would warrant a delay in flying to our next destination (South Africa) given the appeal of the African continent you ask? Well, given Janet & my ultra conservative outlook, you'll understand that when we heard Donald Rumsfeld (Rummy as Janet affectionately calls him) was going to be in town we just HAD detour for a few days to say hello. How could we not given how admirably he and the Bush regime have handled things to date?

Truth be told, we figured experiencing the island nation was well worth the $50 stopover fee (and one of Mina's friends has a yoga studio here :-). We spent our first evening exploring Chinatown which is pretty darn authentic given Singaopore's population is over 70% Chinese. Needless to say dinner was delicious!

Singapore is by definition multicultural, with a blend of Malaysian, Chinese, Indian and numerous Western expats. I have to think this occasionally results in an identity crisis, or at least confusion. Case in point, the Santa Claus propped up right across the street from a sacred cow on a Hindu temple:

Ho Moo Ho

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