June 22, 2004

Whale Watchin'

Today we took a scenic drive to the town of Hermanus which, unfortunately for its inhabitants, is an easy target for pranksters who easily victimize Hermanians by scratching out the "m" on signs. We experienced this first hand (the prank that is) on a sign urging "Keep Her(m)anus Beautiful." Too funny!

In addition to its vulnerability, Hermanus is also known for whale watching...as if we could not get enough nature on this trip already!

However we quickly learned that unlike the Bush one needs a lotta time and and a whole lotta patience to spot 'em. Janet, who has infinitely more than I, was the first to see a tail in the water:

Jim watching Janet watch the whales

Whales aside, the coastline around Hermanus was awful purdy:

Hermanus Coastline

At lunch we cheekily asked our cheeky waiter if in addition to our entrees could he also bring a breach (the term for a whale breaking the surface head first and flopping back in) or two? I think he must have had a deal w/ Moby Dick & Co. as 10 minutes later we did indeed see a couple of whales jumping for joy.

Mom and I even managed to catch a ride on the back of a whale who got dangerously close to the shore:

Ok, this one might be gratuitous but I was chastised by two blog readers that there were not enough photos of us :-)
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