July 09, 2004

Bamboozied with the Brits

Not wanting to brave the chapa experience for a second consecutive day we stayed at our hostel....a cool beachside backpacker called Bamboozi.

In the AM we enjoyed the somewhat chilly Indian Ocean waters for a cool little dive spot called "The Office" -- I thought more time would have elapsed before we gave in and returned to the corporate world ;-).

The dive site itself was very promising but the vis was a bit disappointing. We did manage to see a Honeycomb Eel (HUGE!) and a weird fish that looked like Greedo from Star Wars (Janet insists it was a monkey faced eel - of course!)

J + J enjoying the view at Bamboozi´s dune-topped bar

Post-dive we hooked up with four wonderful but CRAZY Brits and of course got properly "Trollied" with them in celebration of Jo´s 25th bday:

Jim, Jen, Francis (barely conscious), Liz and b-day girl Jo
Hey J and J!

Tis one of your crazy Brits here! Jo! I was searching for the Bamboozi webpage and then up you guys popped! Brilliant! Hope that all is still going well - sounds like you are having a blast!

Fond memories of a great birthday and holiday!

We managed to make it back to Jozi, somehow, after all the usual.. Abandoned my bro in Bamboozi! The gals made it to London, I am still here! My brother rocked up a few days ago, alive just (!) and is now back in the UK also!

Anyways, take it easy and keep well!
Love etc
jO x x
Guys! This has cheered my hungover day up like you wouldnt believe! It brought a tear to my eye!

As did your pictures of Zanzibar...all the amazing places you went to me and Jo and our mate Damo went to four years ago!

Enjoy your trip guys...lots of love! Liz
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