July 25, 2004

The Best Laid Plans...

Well, Chris's generous offer of landrover luxury all the way to the border fell through and Janet, Jenny and I had to rough it yet again. We set out for Mocimba de Praia in the morning and endured a flat bed truck with 60 other Mozambiquans (and chickens, bags of flour, tomatoes, etc., etc.). We arrived late afternoon and arranged for transport to the border, picking us up at the ever-so-convenient hour of 1 AM.

The rode to the border was more pothole than road, made all the worse by our driver and fellow occupant's belief that they had to drive as fast as possible over it for fear of the lions and leopards that they believed were lurking in the shadows (granted, we were in the bush but a cat is hardly going to attack a pickup truck hurtling through the bush). We also had the pleasure of stopping mid way to pick up a load of lumber (it actually provided a bit of cushion for my very bruised ass, so I had THAT going for me).

Arriving at the border at 7 AM, we hobbled to the little boat to take us to Tanzania, a bit worse for wear but happy to embark on a new adventure...

A visual synopsis of our eventful overland journey:

Overlanding in Moz

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