July 04, 2004


Though my football (European definition) watching experience is limited to a handful (two?) of games and Janet's a whopping 0, we did as Romans do and headed a jam packed pub to see a rather boring Greece/Portugal European Cup final. Boring of course to the instant gratification craving American sports fan that is...the Mozambiqans, being a former Portuguese colony, were frenzied from start to finish. Funny thing was...even though Portuguese fans outnumbered Greek fans at least 20 to 1, there were quite a few Moz peeps jubilantly shouting "Greecia!", tooting their horns, etc. to celebrate (any excuse will do!). I can't even imagine the pandemonium had Portugal won. :-)

Tomorrow we leave capital city Maputo for the beach - specifically Tofu, a seven hour bus ride north.
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