July 11, 2004

On to Vilanculos

After another pretty cool dive the day before in Tofu (in which Janet saw a big ole Ray) we left the beauty of Tofu for Vilanculos, another beachside town about 400 KM north of Tofu.

So, picture if you will your personal bus ride from hell. Have that picture firmly fixed in your minds eye? Now, compare with the following:

- 6 hours long
- standing for the first hour or so in an aisle with various bags, possessions and limbs
- when able to sit, your 6 ft 4 frame cramped into a space your 5 ft wife can barely squeeze into
- the smell of a highschool gym locker room
- and the cu de gras, Bryan Adams, Elton John (circa the lion king, not "funeral for a friend" when he was decent), Michael Bolton, George Michael and Richard Marx absolutely blaring out of the over-modulated speakers

Alright now, I HAVE to interject here (it´s janet now). The bus ride was not that bad. I had one minute where I was a bit overwhelmed - when I realized I´d be standing in the crowded aisle and I had given my bag to a helpful man outside the bus and wasn´t sure if it made it on or whether my goods were now being sold on the street. But once I eyed my bag atop the pile, it was time to smile....what else you gonna do? And the love songs of the 80´s took me on a trip down memory lane where I roller-skated during "Couples" time on the rink and practiced the perfect peg leg on my jeans. Yes, the music was bad and blaring. Yes it was crowded and the seats were small, but it was only 4 hours, not six. And it was an authentic experience traveling with locals.

Granted there were no goats tied to the top of the bus like the one that departed before ours, but we did have a few chickens in the luggage wells :)

So now were are in lovely and sunny and sandy Vilanculos staying at the equally fabulous Zombie Cucumber (can you beat that name?!?!?)

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