July 22, 2004

Rags to Riches?

Today we met a number of cool expats from South Africa (there's no shortage of 'em in Pemba :-)) who immediately befriended us. Ten Rounds of drinks later (or so it seemed!) if was if we'd known one another for ages :-). They were quite an interesting bunch...and were kind enough to invite us that evening to a friend's 110 ft. sailing charter. After a week of tough travel we were up for a little spoiling (especially free spoiling)!

The boat was beautiful...majestic with old world charm and new world amenities:

The ship by day

We cut the evening a bit short, due in part to escape a pair of shockingly racist South Africans. I won't get into specifics of what was said, but suffice it to say that while I know such mentalities exist, it's quite another matter to have it in your face. Thankfully these two were an exception, not the rule.

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