July 14, 2004

Waiting for Godot (at the airporto)

Well, much of our time in Vilankulos has been taken up by trips to the the airport, made in the vain hopes that we might procure a flight from here to the north of Moz, thereby avoíding four days of riding on pothole filled roads in public buses. However, in true Communist government fashion, Moz Airlines (the only domestic carrier in the country) is completely inefficient and incompetent. First day there the agent, when seeing us approaching, high-tailed it out of the office mumbling something about going to the bank until 2 pm. Since there were no flights in to V yesterday no one bothered to show up in the office. Which meant an hour and a half trying to figure out if flights that were on the schedule really existed, how much they were, and if we could book them. It was a thoroughly frustrating experience....we eventually gave up and are resigned to busing it north.

The weather has not been cooperating so we intend to head up on Friday...our bus leaves at 4 AM (fun!). Sorry to play the whiney traveler but it´s a bit like being in the twilight zone as of late! hopefully the weather will be warmer and with any luck our bus transport will be sans 80´s sappy ballads on our way up. Either way we´ll be incommunicado for the next few days (I know you all are very distressed at the thought!). :-)
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