August 23, 2004


After a relatively uneventful (albeit EARLY) flight from Nairobi to Cairo we cabbed it to Downtown Cairo to a modest (but thankfully airconditioned) hotel. Next we headed out to our travel agent, located across the interesting "October War Panorama", a blantant piece of propaganda commemorating Egypt's "victory" over Israel in the 1973 conflict. In point of fact, while Egypt had success in the first couple of days, Israel subsequently pushed the Egyptians all the way past Suez, capturing the strategic peninsula and canal. Amazing that this kind of stuff still exists when information is pretty available (or perhaps it ISN'T) (sigh).

At any rate, after settling our (relatively) easy way out (aka the package tour) with the travel agent, we headed back downtown to soak up Cairo, a truly amazing city of 16 million peeps nestled (like most of populated Egypt) up against the Nile. After getting talked into buying a few papyrus prints and other tourist baubles we had a bite at the atmospheric Cafe' Riche' before calling it a night.

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