August 03, 2004

Charm, Civility and Civilization

Zanzibar, O Zanzibar. I have been looking forward to getting here for a long, long time. Beaches, Stone Town, diving, art and seafood. We are only on our second day here, but it is already living up to expectations.

The 15 minute flight from Dar was a delicious luxury considering our transportation situation over the last months. The birds-eye view of the island was incredible - sandy beaches, blue waters, you get the idea.

We spent the day walking the narrow and winding streets of Stone Town, admiring the fabulously carved wooden doors, drinking ginger tea (yummy) with an old man from Oman, viewing Tinga Tinga art work at the many galleries, smelling the plethora of spices on sale at the market and matching smile for smile with the locals as we strolled town.

J + J sipping Ginger Tea from a street vendor

The other J+J seated near one of Z's famous carved doors (the ornate carvings are a status symbol and represent a variety of things including fertility, wealth and desire to have a large family)

Spices at the market...they don't call it the spice island for 'nuttin

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