August 01, 2004

Dar es Salaam

Today we left laid back Mtwara at 5 AM, this time on a bus with reserved seating (we weren't quite sure how to react to this kind of structure given our recent Moz experiences!).

Other than a flat tire and an arrival 4 hours later than advertised the journey was uneventful.

At 4MM residents Dar es Salaam is a big city by any continent's standards and after the small-town feel of nearly every city we'd been to in Moz it took a little adjusting (especially for Jenny, who had not been in a "proper" city in well over a year).

Dar es Salaam means "harbor of peace" and while we did not find the city centre especially peaceful, the little neighborhood of Oyster Bay was pretty darn chill.

We spent our time in and around Dar TCB'ing...Including a stop at the local Hair Salon....but I'll save that story for the wife :-)
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