August 08, 2004

Diving Kendwa Style

Jenny, whose connections in Africa sometimes seem boundless, managed to score a discount on a local dive...vis was not great but the marine life was (honeycomb eel, sting ray, tons-o-fish) and our DM (Dive Master) "Mr. Fine" was a character and a half.

Post dive we caught a few rays:

Beach bum Nos 1 & 2

Tomorrow we head back to Stone Town to meet a very special guest traveler and fellow "Monkee", Susan Zielinski, who will be joining us for our final two weeks in Zanzibar (we're very stoked!). She arrives in time to see Jenny off, who leaves us next week for her return to Moz :-(.
Good thing too as I've grown quite accustom to having two pretty blonds on my arm at all times. It's really the only way to do the beach :-).

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