August 12, 2004

Impossibly Blue Bwejuu

I'm pretty sure Bwejuu would make our top 10 best beaches of the world list (it would make my top 10). The water was impossibly turquoise, as if someone dyed it just to dazzle beachgoers. Add miles of desolate and fine white sand, a bereze just strong enough to cool the heat of the cloudless sky and tropical drink (or three) and you've got yourself a beach as near to perfection as you'd dare hope:

How many shades of blue can you count?

Swingin' in the Shade w/ Suds in hand

Unfortunately day two on Bwejuu was a bit less pictueresque (who ordered the rain??) bu t we still made the most of it, snorkeling and playing Bao, a cool game we intend to bring back to the States (eventually :-)).

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