August 11, 2004


Jambiani is the East Coast's southernmost beach and due to its remote location is fairly uninhabited (which is cool by us). Day one we veged on the beach, allowing Susan to adjust to life on the Spice Island :-)

It looks like she's adjusting just fine, no?

Day two we rented a Dhow -- an impossibly narrow Zanzibarian boat typically made of mango wood -- and headed out to the reef for a bit of snorkeling (Susan's first time donning mask & fins). While the marine life was a bit sparse, the visibility was great and I was grateful to work off a few of the Kiliminjaro Lagers that haev been accumulating 'round my mid-section as of late.

Dhow and goat (we did not sail with Billy)

Post snorkeling I walked to the post office, passing by a bunch of gradeschoolers enjoying recess under the palms. I don't know about you but my playground did not feature fine white sand and swaying palm trees (sigh). That evening we stumbled (literally as it was helladark) a great little restaurant (whose name is of course escaping me), retering early so we could head up the coast to Bwejuu, rumored to be one of Z's most beautiful beaches.

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