August 18, 2004


Today we bussed from Arusha to Nairobi on a quest to achieve what some would call the impossible: booking a safari in the height of the annual migration in Masai Mara reserve. After a blissfully uneventful journey we checked into our hotel in Nairobi. To our great disappointment our travel agent had been unsuccessful at arranging a safari, but ever-optimistic Janet insisted we could manage it the next morning...which we did. Amazingly, at our first travel agent we lucked out and booked the three of us (Tom opted out in favor of a camping safari) at Fig Tree Camp, a 4* in the heart of "The Mara" reserve that features permanent luxury tents and, we were assured, more competent guides than we'd suffered through in Tanz. While the frugal husband was a bit remorseful at the thought of spending a bit more dough on the excursion, he was (thankfully) overruled by Janet and Susan, who were quite finished with roughing it :-)

To be continued...

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