August 19, 2004

Magnificent Masai Mara

It took a lot to dissuade us from the Serengeti: namely the largest mammailian migration on the planet. Each July/August over 1MM wildebeast, 200,000 zebra and a number of other species (totaling 2MM!) leave the Serengeti (Tanzania) for the water and (still) lush grasslands of the Masai Mara (Kenya). Of course all of that potential dinner attracts a number of predators as well :-).

After our whirlwind stay in Nairobi all we were hoping for on our drive in was getting to those "luxury tents" we'd read in the brochure at the tour operator. However, our guide Dishan (a stud) made sure that the journey would be more fruitful than that. Not even 10 minutes into the Mara and we spotted the spots of two cheetas, one femalie and one male. The femme was kind enough to greet us with a tail lift and spray, but we didn't take it personally.

Chester and momma

In addition to the cheetas we saw a five-legged zebra (if you have to ask, you're too innocent to know), a pair of jackals and a killer sunset. After the drive we checked into our tent....the girls were pretty ecstatic (I was pretty pleased myself).

Our tent face a little river....Janet actually heard a few beasties splashing around in the wee hours our first night but did not check to see what was lurking in the water :-).

A Tent With A View

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