August 04, 2004

More on Stone Town

A few more words on Zanzibar and Stone Town...such an exotic place. Even the name "Zanzibar" has an alluring ring to it, no? The sight (and of course smells) of curries, cloves, cumin, coriander and the myriad of spices that don't necessarily begin with the letter "C" is enough to overwhelm the senses. The labrynthine, narrow streets of Stone Town leave one feeling that a mystery will surely reveal itself around ever corner:

The aptly named "Narrow Street Hotel" and a glimpse at its namesake

Another staple to the Stone Town scene (and Tanz at large) is Tika Tika - colorful (I mean COLORFUL) artwork depicting amusing caricatures of wildlife. While it grew a bit cumbersome to be offered a glimpse at the often identical paintings, it was still awfully charming:

Given Janet's luck with the Beauty Salon we decided not to risk Henna Painting

We ended our day of exploration and Mercury, a bar in tribute to the late Queen frontman Freddy Mercury. While the bar itself ain't all that special, it afforded great views of the sunset and its menu featured hookahs (sheeshas) with strawberry flavored tobacco. Tasty, even for non-smokers:

I guess I can't say I never inhaled

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