August 05, 2004 of those days

We left exotic Stone Town behind for the beauty of the Northern beaches of Zanzibar, namely Nungwi, a tiny seaside village 1.5 hours north of Stone Town. It's a bit on the touristy side(friend Jen compared it to the "Med" ((Mediterranean for those in the know)) but it's still a gorgeous place to be sure (note the turquoise of that water!):

No banana hammock comments please :-)

It was an awesome day...perfect temperature (85 F) a light breeze to cool us whilst horizontal in the flour-like sand, and the i-pod pumping out Europe '72 (Grateful Dead) in our dual headphones. After an amazing day we had a "last supper" of sorts with newfound friends Max and Ryan (traveling cousins from the US). The company was (of course) wonderful (as was the view), the food so-so and the waiter ever-so-amusing (in an annoying sort of way):

Ryan, Jim, Jen, Max, Janet (waiter not pictured)

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