August 04, 2004

Open air dining, Zanzi Style

Last evening we strolled down to the waterfront where at 7pm every night there is a huge seafood barbeque. Table after table filled with fresh seafood kabobs, whole lobster and crab, a dozens of fresh fish.

We did our best to sample everything (except the octopus - still can't get the appetite for that one). Our favorite was the Tanzania pizza - a very thin crepe filled with minced veggies and beef, a scrambled egg and chilies! Delicious.

And to wash it all down was sacri-licious Sugarcane Ginger Lemonade (that is my name for it). It is made my squeezing fresh sugarcane through a press and collecting the run-off. A slice of lemon that has a touch of ginger in it is folded into the sugarcane on the last squeeze to give it a tasty little 'zip!'

Squeezin' out the juice

We somehow managed to find room in our bellies for the best gelato we've had outside Italy. And then finished the night off at this fabulously laid back chill spot called the Sweet Eazy.

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