August 20, 2004

Prideful Breakfast

Today's game drive began with a pride of five (yes, five) lions, one of which was chowing down on what was left of a wildebeest. We were lucky enough to get to leopards feasting on an impala in Kruger (South Africa) but this was even more amazing given that the lioness was out in the open and our driver got within a scant few meters of her.

Breakfast of champions

If you can stomach it, check out the video of momma tearing into the beastie.

Thirty minutes later we happened upon our second feline encounter, this time a pair of cheetas, one of which must have been aware of the camera on him:

Here Kitty Kitty

The Mara is quite a bit different than Kruger or Ngoro Ngoro...more in line with what is traditionally considered African Savanna - amber waves of grain (well grass anyway), sparsely dotted with acacia trees and surrounded by surprisingly green hills.

Archetypical Africa

Interspersed in this majestic landscape where more wildebeest (courtesy of the annual migration) than you could shake a stick seemed like the bearded mammals barely had room to manuever on Mara:

Wildebeest Galore: how many can you count in the picture?

The keeper in charge of the felines sure was on the ball this day as we saw yet another pride of lions, and a fmaily of five cheeta nestled in the bush.

We were REALLY close here...maybe a bit too close as we actually got momma to GROWL at us. Given the scar on her nose we thought it best to remain in the vehicle, along with all limbs, luggage, etc.

Chester & Fam

Needless to say today made our entire safari...we could have driven back to Nairobi as three happy (non) campers :-).

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