September 19, 2004

Coolest Trek Ever?

Today we set out on foot to the Rose and Red Valleys, about 2 KM (or so we were told!) from our hostel in Goreme, Cappadoccia. Both valleys get there name from the strinkingly colored rocks, which literally look like someone vandalized with pink spray paint (perhaps Janet's favorite hair stylist popped over from Tanzania?), making for some striking scenery (as if this region didn't have enough already).

Strawberry Skyline

While the hike wasn't particularly kind on Janet's knees (lots of up & down), even the somewhat beleaguered wife echoed my praise of this place...probably the best day trek we've ever done. Some of the landscape looked like the top of a twice baked potato...with dramatic ridges undulating in both form and color. Soooo coooool:

Valley Girl

Sel(ves) Portrait

The hike was billed as a four(ish) hour excursion, but somehow our journey took over six, possibly due to yours truly stopping early and often to enjoy the picturesque landscape:

You kind of expect this one to include one of those cheesy motivational poster sayings like "SERENITY" or something...

Feet aching a bit we retired to a roadside pub for a much-deserved brew with our view, then took an overnight bus to the town of Oympos, around 600 KM south of Cappadoccia on the Med Coast.

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