September 28, 2004

EuroShock and a goodbye to our Kiwi friends

Well, we had fair warning that Greece would be a bit pricey but given how shitty the dollar is (thanks Dub-ya!) the transition from relatively reasonable Turkey to Greece was all the more painful. However, the pricy was immediately offset by the liter of Greek wine Janet, John-O, Susanne and I imbibed for a grand total of 3 Euros at our first lovely dinner on Samos...yummmmmm

Our last day with our Kiwi friends was spent on a 10cc (well, maybe more than that but not by much!) moped traveling from Samos town to one of the islands lovely beaches about 4 km away:

Making Hell's Angels look like the boyscouts on wheels

After and afternoon lounging at a picture perfect beach:

If you look closely, you might spy some topless women in the background

we said goodbye to our Wunderbar Kiwi travel partners in crime and ferried from Samos to Ikaria (only because we could not get directly to our destination from Samos...a problem we are quickly becoming accustom to as it's past peak season here in Greece). After my first Pasticha (spelling?) experience -- Greece's version of lasagna -- we turned in early (shock), making our way towards Mykonos in the AM.

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