September 03, 2004

On to Luxor

After a week of roughing it on the liveaboard we were ready to trade our sea legs in for the land variety. We minibussed it to Luxor in an armed caravan no less, a precaution still in place from the 1998 terrorist attack on tourists (there has not been an incident since). It was a bit surreal, but more interesting than disoncerting. The landscape was also pretty killer:

Luxor was known as Thebes in ancient Egyptian times and contains many of Egypt's most famous monuments and temples, including the Valley of the Kings and Nefertiti

We started our first day at the Luxor Museum which though significantly smaller than its Cairien counterpart permits photography, so we gotta few good snaps of 3,500+ year old stuff, including the statue of Tuthmosis III, one of the most well-preserved and most masterfully sculpted pieces in all of ancient Egypt:

Tuthmosis III

Akhenaten and poser

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