September 21, 2004

Uninspiring Olympos

We spent two nights in what was billed as a "tree house" -- which actually was a house made of and near other trees -- with a backpacker crowd that had a surprising amount of attitude. The town's surroundings was pretty...forested and more dramatic cliffs...but Cappadoccia was a tough act to follow. Plus the beach was more pebble than sand and plagued by bass-thumping sailboats who enabled hordes of daytipping invaders.

Though with scenery like this one can't really complain!

The main purpose to our journey here was the fact that Olympos was the depature city for our 4 day "blue cruise" (think budget and intimate, not big and Carnivalesque) Westward along Turkey's Mediterranean Coast. We left the town for the more peaceful Med in a hurry...

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