September 30, 2004

What better way to spend an Anniversary...

Then on Mykonos's magnificent beaches. Between yesterday and today we've managed to hit five of 'em, with the highlights being Psaru:

This one was the most conservative of the bunch (the beach that is!)

Psi Amos (I think??):

Paradise, and SUPER Paradise (you get the feeling that the residents/owners of businesses on Paradise beach were a bit miffed when their neighbors decided to call their beach SUPER Paradise):

Unless you're quite liberal-minded, I'd recommend against blowing this one up

Paradise and Super Paradise we're our favorites...both afforded us the opportunity to work off our tan lines ;-). Gotta love Greece!

Post-sun bathing/burning (ouch....) we enjoyed a fab authentic and somewhat splurge of an anniversary dinner at Nikolas restaurant, a quaint little spot facing a wonderful sunset, perfect for wedding reminiscing...

The wine was undoubtedly the best we've had since South Africa

Postcard perfect?

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