September 11, 2004

The White and Black Deserts

We wrapped up the Egypt portion of our trip with a cruise (a land cruise, that is) through the White and Black Deserts.

Located about 5 hours southwest of Cairo, the Black Desert is aptly named for the iron- and mineral- rich sand and stones which create lovely black hills and mountains.

Jim thinks they look like burnt marshmallows :)

Lying between the Black and White Deserts is 'Crystal Mountain' - a few rolling hills of amazing crystallized stone. The brilliance created thousands of years ago when the desert was part of the Mediteranean Sea. I even found a seashell to prove it - but after staying in one piece for more than 7000 years, it smashed into bits in my pocket (maybe not the best place to put such a relic!!) :(

The Crystal Ship, er um, Mountain

And the icing on the cake - the White Desert. A trippy landscape that befits Alice in Wonderland. The wind has created wonderful works of art with the limestone (the same that was used to build the pyramids), eroding it into funky shapes like mushrooms and rolling snow drifts.

Jim contemplating the possible effects of taking a bite......

Copping some shade under a 'Shroom


Tonight we are honoring the events of September 11 by seeing Farhenheit 9/11 here in Cairo. Should be interesting to see the reaction out here in the Middle East.

Tomorrow we head off to Istanbul to begin the Mediteranean portion of the journey (aka: The Homestretch)!
So what was the reaction to Farhenheit 9/11?

we actually did not see F 9/11...we chose food -- in the form of some of the best Indian food we've ever had in a restaurant overlooking the pyramids of giza -- over film. we both read 'dude where's my contry' opinion is...of course Mr Moore skews things (who in the media doesn't) but if even 10% of what he writes is accurate, it should be enough to impeach the facist imposter and his awful regime post haste (a wee bit more criminal than a stained blue dress)
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