September 17, 2004

You say Cappadocia, I say Kapadokya

We arrived in Cappodocia after a long but uneventful overnight bus from Istanbul. This place is unlike anything we've ever seen before and I'm not sure that words - or even the pictures - will do it justice.

Cappadocia is a marvelous creation of nature - eroded volcanic rock shaped into 'fairy chimneys' (as the locals like to call them). We are staying in Goreme where for the last few centuries the resourceful inhabitants have created homes, restaurants, churches and graves out of the rock.

We spent the afternoon exploring the "Open Air Museum" which consists of homes, gravesites and Christian churches with frescoes dating back to the 11th Century (although the dwellings existed long before that).

Jesus H. Christ

Modern Cappadocia continues the tradition - the room at our hostel is even carved out from a cave. In the evening the towers, chimneys, steeples - whatever you want to call them - glow a beautiful yellow as their interiors are lit from within. It's simply beautiful.

A Room with a View

Tomorrow we are scheduled for an all day tour including a few of the underground cities and the site where one of the Star Wars films was shot. Those pictures should be amazing! Stay tuned.....
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