October 12, 2004

Acropolis Now

After an unfortunately sleepless night ferry ride from Crete to Athens (thanks in part to the snnnnnnooooooring grandmother and nearby fellow perpetually plagued by a hacking cough (and throat clearing to boot)). A bit worse for wear (especially me, after my hike the previous day, see below), we metroed to the city centre to hit the sites of Athens....first and foremost the city's most famous hill. The Acropolis is contains Athens' most famous monument: the Parthenon. The colossal temple was constructed in 438 BC and is dedicated to Athena.

Aphrodite and a pregnant looking Zeus

The Parthenon, Temple of Nike, Propylai and other structures whose names I of course cannot recall utilized over 22,000 tons of marble:

Contributing to the 22K

Unfortunately for these two tourists, the VAST majority of the structures of the Acropolis are being restored...resulting in a number of pretty significant distractions to the ancient site (cranes and marble don't mix):

Restoring away

We were even treated to what I can only assume was some sort of ceremonial guard (either that, or a squadron of pom pom girls gone horribly awry):

Boys gone wild

Post ruining we hit the National archeological Museum which was pretty impressive, featuring statues from 800 BC > Roman times:

Some old dude and some dude feeling old

God Numero Uno

The museum also featured pre-historic stuff. And when the Greeks say prehistoric they MEAN IT. We're talking pottery and the like that's over 8,000 YEARS OLD. Whoa. Not as cool as statues but you gotta go see a bowl that old don't ya?

Janet even pitted her impressive strength against the likes of Zeus...I think she fairs pretty well:

She may be little, but she packs a powerful punch
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